Instructions on setting up the email to SMS function are provided in the Administrator’s Manual.

To which address do I send the email?

The following examples assume that sms.local has been registered as accepted domain.

Forwarding of an email to a telephone number
Send an email to <Telephone number>@sms.local, e.g.: 00491701234567@sms.local

Forwarding to a contact from the address book of the SMS Gateway
Send an email to <ID or name>@sms.local, e.g.: john_doe@sms.local
We recommend that the ID of the contact is used. You can take this from the address book (Configuration - Address book).

Forwarding to a group of contacts
Send an email to group_<ID or name>@sms.local, e.g.: group_monitoring@sms.local
We recommend that the group ID is used. This is found in the web interface (Configuration - Groups).
The use of groups requires the licensing of the feature
Recipient groups.

Make sure that the character coding for outgoing emails is set to Unicode (UTF-8) in your email client.