If our FAQs cannot provide you with further assistance, we look forward to an email from you to support@braintower.de
Please specify the series number of your device and outline your problem briefly.

You can download a debug logfile in the web interface of the SMS Gateway under Help - Support. This will help us to determine the cause of your problem.
Please add it as an attachment to your email.


If you have added a Support agreement to your SMS Gateway, you will benefit not only from an upfront exchange in the event of a defect but also from our telephone support.
You can reach our team at +49 6894 92966 0.
If possible, we will also be happy to help you by remote maintenance. We use the software TeamViewer for this purpose. If you haven’t installed TeamViewer on your PC, we recommend our portable Support Client for Windows or Mac OS X.

Further information on the support agreement can be obtained here.