Dringende Empfehlung

Due to a problem in this version of the software, the flash memory can fill up under certain circumstances. In order to avoid this problem, please update to version 3.4.1.


  • [SMSGW-794] - Renamed SMS Routing to Message Routing. Renamed the menu SMS to Messages. Corralated adjustments are made in the user interface.
  • [SMSGW-642] - The Gateway is able to send and receive Telegram messages. This function requires the licensing of the Telegram module. The Telegram communication is available via the webinterface, via the API, via the Monitoring and via the Message Routing. The Gateway can select automatic if the Message is sent via Telegram (if the recipient uses Telegram) or via SMS (as fallback).
  • [SMSGW-602] - The contact import got expanded with a group assignment. An automatic, time controlled import via HTTP(S) is available in addition.
  • [SMSGW-735] - Improvements of the presentation during deleting contacts.
  • [SMSGW-807] - Generating a event log entry if a new license got imported.
  • [SMSGW-722] - Test-Emails got enhanced with the usual template.
  • [SMSGW-815] - Reworked the documentation of general configuration.
  • [SMSGW-263] - The full documentation is available in english.
  • [SMSGW-753] - The button "Reset user statistics" got removed from the system user page.
  • [SMSGW-755] - In the table of the system users a new column "Last Login" is available.
  • [SMSGW-827] - Reworked a couple of default settings after delivery or factory reset.
  • [SMSGW-806] - Reduced lag of the Message Routing.


  • [SMSGW-878] - Messages could only be forwarded using HTTP when only the SMS Forwarding license was active. Email and SMS are now available as well. If Telegram is licensed, messages can also be forwarded using Telegram.
  • [SMSGW-721] - Some special characters were not saved correct during the configuration of automatic responses.
  • [SMSGW-725] - On some occasions the exported file from the monitoring configuration could not be imported anymore.
  • [SMSGW-727] - It was possible to create system users twice.
  • [SMSGW-728] - System user with specific characters (-_.) could not be edited.
  • [SMSGW-731] - Corrected the localization of the button which updates the time in the NTP-Server configuration.
  • [SMSGW-733] - Removed some errors in the FAQ.
  • [SMSGW-738] - A succesful import of contacts was not listed in the event log.
  • [SMSGW-829] - Corrected a typing error in the online help of the message routing.
  • [SMSGW-718] - During the usage of the halt- and reboot-commands via the API no error message was generated if the user had no rights to use them.
  • [SMSGW-719] - The assessment of permissions was revised on some pages.
  • [SMSGW-720] - During the editing of groups no error message was shown if invalid letters are used.The error message was only listed in the event log.
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