• [SMSGW-326] - Numerous aspects of the web interface localisation have been improved.
  • [SMSGW-200] - The documentation has been extended.
  • [SMSGW-300] - Updates of the Linux-Basis-OS have been installed.
  • [SMSGW-330] - The maximum configurable timeout for monitoring checks has been adjusted to avoid possible impairments.
  • [SMSGW-438] - The statistics page has been revised.


  • [SMSGW-321] - An error in the checking of authorisations which prevented the creation and deletion of monitoring checks has been rectified.
  • [SMSGW-437] - Text messages which were sent using the e-mail to text message function were not shown in the statistics.
  • [SMSGW-450] - No recovery messages were sent by the monitoring feature.
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