• [SMSGW-252] - The processing of non-text e-mails has been improved.
  • [SMSGW-224] - The Gateway documentation has been extended considerably. An Online Manual is now available
  • [SMSGW-162] - The import and export function in the monitoring area has been improved. Lines which cannot be imported, which have an incorrect format for example, are shown to have an error when they are imported. On exporting, the CSV now contains a title line. The documentation of the CSV format has been improved.
  • [SMSGW-223] - The statistics page has been completely revised.
  • [SMSGW-182] - It is now also possible to upload renamed licence files.
  • [SMSGW-213] - The driver of the network interfaces has been updated.
  • [SMSGW-229] - The SSL certificate installed as standard has been renewed.


  • [SMSGW-198] - Spaces at the end of a telephone number have not been removed.
  • [SMSGW-217] - Some errors and ambiguities in the localisation of the web interface have been rectified.
  • [SMSGW-193] - Some authorisations in combination with other authorisations did not grant the correct access rights as intended.
  • [SMSGW-192] - It was pointed out in the monitoring area that a DNS server must be configured although a DNS server had already been configured.
  • [SMSGW-255] - In the authorisation award area, the "Import user" option has been renamed "Import contact".
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