You will find the general settings of your SMS Gateway in the web interface under Configuration - General.

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page after every change so that your settings are accepted.


Always ensure that the set time of the SMS Gateway is correct. This is essential for Licencing for example.
The time is determined using the 
NTP server.


Be notified by email if the signal strength is no longer sufficient to send or receive text messages.
Stop the sending of text messages or Telegram messages, e.g. during planned service work.

Automatic response


This function requires the licensing of the Autoresponder module.

Enter a text which is to be sent as response when your SMS Gateway receives a message.



You can receive a report on the number of sent text messages on a weekly or monthly basis.
NB: Configure a
SMTP server for sending emails.



Configure the host name and the domain of your SMS Gateway.

SMTP configuration


First enter the address of the SMTP server and the email address which is to be shown as sender.
Where applicable configure user name and password for authentication.



The re-notification time is the time interval in minutes after which a new alert is sent if a failure lasts longer.